Bela Theater

About Us

About-usBela Theatre was established by Mohd. Waseem Azad in 1999 with a motive of promoting and enriching theatre. For over 13 years, the group has been known for its original and meaningful contribution in theatre. Its productions have been acclaimed not only in Delhi but also in almost all major cities and even remote areas of the country. The group has experimented in 3 different languages- Hindi, Urdu and Bhojpuri. After the sudden demise of Waseem Bhai, on his footworks, Amar Nath Sah started Bela Theatre Karwaan which was one of the last wishes of Waseem Bhai.

Bela Theatre Karwaan strongly believes in Actor Oriented Theatre. Our theatre techniques revolves around the actor. Be it the preparation of the set, makeup or costume. The actors itself contribute in that so that they could grow in all the fields and could become self-sufficient. These things always help actors in getting into the skin of a character and reading the subtext of a play. We also encourage artists to write and direct their own scripts as well. Some of our artists have developed into professional writers, directors and musicians. Bela Theatre Karwaan provides back stage support to other teams.

Bela Theatre Karwaan has explored almost every genre of theatre from Greek Theatre to Street Plays. Our plays have won laurels at national theatre festivals in acting and in back stage as well.

Our group is always open for a new idea and innovative concept, we like to explore more and repeat less. So we always try to come up with our plays in a new concept.



Bela Theatre Karwaan has started an innovative concept of Terrace Theatre Festival where theatrical shows are organized on a terrace. From the very beginning it was a huge hit among theatre lovers. It has a niche for itself due to its uniqueness as it is held on a terrace.


Gali Theatre is another concept by Bela Theatre Karwaan in which we go in the localities and colonies to perform a play. We make the stage over there; use our own lights, props etc. Gali Theatre can be said to be a harmony between street plays and proscenium. It includes the venue of street play and procedure of proscenium.